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“You have a pop to your playing”---Eddie Money

Swisstack sitting in for 2 shows with Eddie Money..

“I enjoyed your playing”

Steve Smith to Jeff Swisstack 

After Russia opens the show for Journey..

“…Drum solo pulled off with a bit of wit by Jeff Swisstack…”

(Billboard Live review of Russia)


Breakout was a hard driving rock song that had dynamite

Guitar work, and the steady fast beat on the drums was just awesome.

“Jeff Swisstack was just beating the heck out of those skins”

(Soundboard Live review of “Lydia Van Huston”)


Drummer Swisstack and Bassist Adrian comprise a tight intuitive Rhythm section with the ability to play up to the audience’s reaction---

“These guys were having fun the night I saw them”

(Music-Connection Live Review of “Lydia Van Huston”)


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