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I was born and raised in Passaic, New Jersey, and as a young boy I would tell my mother I would have my picture on an Album Cover someday. So, I began taking drum lessons from Columba Forte, aka: Carl Wolf of Bloomfield New Jersey at the age of 12. I played a variety of music styles with a number of bands on the East Coast ranging from straight ahead Rock N’Roll, to Big Band Jazz, to downright Nasty Funk. Deciding it was time for a change and looking for warmer weather, I loaded my drums into my car and drove to California. After auditioning for several projects, I decided to join a group from Seattle that later became known as “Russia”. We played the Los Angeles scene, secured a recording contract with Warner Brothers Records, and shared the same stage along with Journey, Cheap Trick, The Baby’s, Def Leppard and more at the Los Angeles Coliseum. My contributions to the project included not only drumming, but also co-writing and vocals. Since my days with “Russia” I filled in with Eddie Money, Lydia Van Huston, and the Skinny Little Twits.  Over the years I focused more on song writing and production, and the recording of my music to share with the world. My new CD called: “It’s Time” is my first solo project, and I hope everyone will find something to relate to in my songs. My goal is to learn from the past, live in the present, and look towards the future.

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